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Christ Fellowship Panama Feeding and Learning Center

Thank you for your donations small and large and I pray that you continue to support this
ministry by sending your tax deductible donation (we are IRS 501 (c) (3) certified) to:
Christ Fellowship Panama Feeding Center
P.O. Box 710485
Oakhill, VA  20171-0485
Checks should be written to:  CF PANAMA FC
 Be blessed in all that you extend your hands to--in Jesus' Name
Min. Sandra Serena Sergent
Christ Fellowship Church
Christ Fellowship Panama Feeding and Learning Center Founder & President
703-269-7604 (Cell)
703-722-1016 (Magic Jack--domestic number that will ring in Panama)
011-507-392-9785 (Panama Home)
011-507-6457-4349 (Panama Cell)
You may email Minister Serena Sergent at: