Christ Fellowship Church

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Christ Fellowship Prayer Ministry


CFC Prayer Ministry Vision
To Inspire CFC to become a "House of Prayer" led by the Holy Spirit
a church that prays together with willing hearts in unity.

What is a House Of Prayer?

Throughout Scripture there are two kinds of places where God has lived and does live; in His buildings and in His people. God had a plan to establish His Kingdom in the earth when He created man. In the garden, He set up man with the intent of fellowship and partnership. This plan is still in effect today and if we will enter in with Him our life will be enriched and fulfilled in every way! There is nothing greater and nothing is more inescapable as partnering with the creator of heaven and earth. This is His design, blueprint, and plan to establish His government and to make all enemies His footstool.

Why a House of Prayer?

The temple built by Solomon was the physical place Isaiah referred to when he said that God's house would be called a house of prayer for all nations. The house Isaiah referred to was this special, physical place where God's manifest presence was very evident. This was the place where people from all nations who had a heart to be with this living and loving God would be able to come and enjoy deeper relationship with Him through prayer.

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