Christ Fellowship Church

A New Beginning In Love

Christ Fellowship's Elders

Elder Wiggins
Elder Rudy Wiggins

Elder Warren
Elder John Warren

Elder Thaggard
Elder Michael Thaggard

Elder Perry not Pictured

Elder Timothy Perry

The Board of Elders is comprised of men who have been chosen to lead the church in accordance with New Testament standards.  The position of the Senior Pastor also resides within the Board of Elders.  The Elders are responsible for assisting and supporting the Senior Pastor by providing the personal and professional resources necessary for him to effectively lead the ministry of the church.  They are also responsible for ensuring that the spiritual purposes of the church--to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ, to teach and train the church membership in the observance of biblical Christianity and to worship the triune God--are realized.  The business activities and affairs of the church are governed by the Board of Elders. 

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