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Zoom: CFC Checklist to Schedule Zoom
Conference Room for Video Meeting

Zoom Checklist
CFC Zoom Checklist

1) Schedule Meeting on the CFC Zoom Calendar

a) NLT 24 hours Send email to:

(1) Minstry leader, return email address, and phone number
(2) Name of Elder authorizing meeting
(3) Rquested Date, Time and length of meeting
(4) Backup date and tiem if about is not available
(5) Does the meeting need to be password protected?

b) Click below adn verify the event is on the calendat prior to the date of event; CFC Zoom Video Conference Calendar

*** If you add your scheduled participants on the return email we well send invites per your request ***

2) Below are training videos for using CFC Zoom Conference;

• Zoom Video Conference Participants


• Zoom Meeting Controls


• Zoom Breakout Rooms