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Sunday Worship Service

CFC Sunday Service and activities are now being held in the new CFC building. Pastor Hamilton’s sermons will also be Live Streamed as the CFC membership and visitors transition to the new Christ Fellowship Church facility. Please see the CFC Sunday eBulletin emailed each week to CFC members.

Also see the Christ Fellowship Church in Herndon YouTube page.

Live Stream on YouTube
Holy Communion, 2nd Sunday
Young Adult Ministry Sunday, 4th Sunday


  1. Hi. I’m a member of CFC in Herndon. For some reason I can’t find the live service anymore. It used to be available to watch it live but I’ve just spent an hour trying to find it while it was “live.”

    • Website Administrator

      The Media Ministry team experienced an unknown technical problem during Sunday June 25th Live Stream broadcast and were unware Sunday CFC Service was not available.

  2. Hi Michael. It’s Carol Frysinger. I watched the live stream on Sunday and as always , I said good morning CFC. I was wondering why my comment was the only one that I could see even though there were 9 comments.

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