"A New Beginning in Love"

Sunday Service Live Stream

Until further notice, all CFC Sunday Service and activities are cancelled due to the impact of the CovID-19 pandemic. Pastor Hamilton’s sermons will be Live Streamed during this period the Christ Fellowship Church facility is ready to occupy. Please see the Christ Fellowship Church in Herndon YouTube page.

School of Bible at 9:30 am – 10:45 am via Zoom and Live Stream on YouTube
Holy Communion, 2nd Sunday
Young Adult Ministry Sunday, 4th Sunday


    • Hello Sister Bell,

      You must be logged into your GMAIL/Google account to participate in the Live Stream Chats with Pastor Hamilton at the end of Sunday Service. The Christ Fellowship Herndon YouTube page does provide viewers a “SIGN IN” button to use their GMAIL/Google account log in.

      CFC Website Administrator

  1. I have no google account and haven’t been able to get the service except for the zoom link mailed to me.

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