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Christ Fellowship Feeding Center Anniversary Report

My dear family and friends,

I just wanted to thank you one more time and I am sure I will be doing this many, many years as you’ll have been wonderful in you support of Christ Fellowship Panama and I know that with the help and provision of God you will continue to do so. 

 I am most joyful when I give and I know it is the same for all of you as you have supported this ministry for 17 long, long years.  Sometimes it seems unbelievable to me that it has been that long but some of you have actually being supporting families in Panama, Anton, the Women’s Shelter formerly in Coco Solo and now in Buena Vista and the Jail for more than 17 years.  The Feeding Center was birth out of our ministry of giving out bags of food and toys in Colon, Anton, the women’s shelter and the jail every December three to four years before the birth of the Feeding Center.

I thank all of you for your faithfulness and generosity–I thank my Pastor and the congregation of Christ Fellowship Church for their support and encouragement all of these years! I thank the Board of Directors, especially our Treasures Anthony and Rose for the work that they do keeping records of your donations and NEEDLESS to say, I thank our Heavenly Father for making this possible and for using us to be a blessing to the less fortunate. 

We celebrated our 17th anniversary by joining hands with two Pastor friends and conducting ministry in Cabuya Ariba, Anton, a community we have been blessing for around twenty years!  Even in the middle of the CovID 19 pandemic, your donations allowed us to send 30 bags of food to these families. (Please see video below)  The feeding Center door has not closed even though the Government will not allow us to officially open the doors because of CovID, we have received permission to cook and provide take out service and have been feeding the children and families and homeless through take-out.  The community has been blessed because of your faithful support. 

Again, it is with a world of gratefulness in my heart that I thank you and pray God’s richest blessings upon each and every one of you.  I pray protection from CovID and every sickness and disease in the precious Name of Jesus… Amen… 

All your donations to CFPFC ministry are tax deductible (we are IRS 501 (c3) certified)  and  can be sent to the Board Treasure at the following address:   

 Christ Fellowship Panama Feeding Center 
  P. O. Box 710485   
  Oakhill, VA 20171-0485   

Checks should be written to: CF PANAMA FC   

Be blessed in all that you extend your hands to do–in Jesus’ Name! 
Min. Sandra Serena Sergent   
Christ Fellowship Church   
Christ Fellowship Panama Feeding and Learning Center Founder & President   

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