"A New Beginning in Love"

Christ Fellowship Feeding Center October 2021 Report

Grace and peace my Beloved Friends and Family, 

First, I thank God for keeping us, for being merciful and compassionate to us during this season that we have been living for the past year and a half.   

 This is the time of year where I begin to prepare for the week of ministry in December, which we have done for the past 17th years with the exception of last year because of Covid-19. 

 Friends of the ministry, some that have been joining me here in Panama for many years, are beginning to inquiry if we will be able to minister this year and the dates for the four or five days while giving out food baskets and toys in several areas of Colon and Cabuya Ariba,  Anton and ministering in the Nueva Esperanza Prison in Colon. 

Panama is not free of Corona Virus but thank God, because of the very strict restrictions that the Government had in place for the past year, after seeing a diminishing count of the number of daily infections and deaths,  last month they lifted all curfews imposed and opened all public venues and travel between some of the providences.  The only requirement is that EVERYONE MUST CONTINUE TO USE A FACE MASK or they will be imposed a fine.  No one is allowed in any public places without a mask and in addition, face shield must be worn on buses and trains.  We must also continue to keep the social distancing and all stores and supermarkets have hand sanitizers at the entrance and exit doors. 

This year we will be including extraordinary precautionary measures for ourselves and the people we are planning to minister to as far as not only the use of the masks but face shields and white gowns. 

I am praying and asking the Lord to open the doors for us to do all of the ministry this year outdoors to allow for minimum contact with those we will be ministering to.  For the prison, I have been informed that they will allow the church to meet in a section of the yard where we can keep the social distancing.  We will be doing outdoors services also in Anton, Araijan, Buena Vista and the Orphanage. 

As I do yearly, I come to you asking that you consider a special gift above your monthly giving for the expenses involved in the week of ministry.  We have to purchase toys for around 300 kids (Colon, Buena Vista, Orphanage, Anton and now we have added Araijan) and we strive to give out the same amount of bags of groceries in the same areas. 

Following is the scheduled for this year: 

December 15th:  Minister in a very poor community that is referred to in Panama as “invaders of land” in Araijan.   Minister the Word, provide food bags and toys for the children.  Please see attached pictures of Araijan children. 

December 16th:  Colon/AM & Buena Vista/PM:   Deliver the Word of God with food Basket distribution in Colon and Buena Vista (former residents of the Coco Solo Shelter) distribute toys to the children. 

December 17th:   Visit the Nursing Home (Hogar Atlantico) in the morning and Christmas Party for the children at the SOS Orphanage in the Afternoon—toys for all of the children. 

 December 18th:   – R&R (Visit the Panama Canal, a local beach, sightseeing, etc.) 

December 19th:   Church and sight seeing 

December 20th:   – Deliver the Word of God and food basket distribution in the Nueva Esperanza Prison 

December 21st:  Deliver the Word of God followed by Food Basket and toys distribution in Anton. 

December 22nd – R&R 

December 23rd – Visitors/Missionaries , return home to the U.S.  

I thank you for your faithfulness to the ministry of the Feeding Center all of these years and thank you in advance that you will help us to make the week of ministry not only a blessing to children and their families but for your prayers that many, many souls will give their life’s to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

All your donations to CFPFC ministry are tax deductible (we are IRS 501 (c3) certified)  and  can be sent to the Board Treasure at the following address:    

 Christ Fellowship Panama Feeding Center 
P. O. Box 710485 
Oakhill, VA 20171-0485     

 Checks should be written to: CF PANAMA FC    


Be blessed in all that you extend your hands to do–in Jesus’ Name!  

Minister Sandra Serena Sergent 
Christ Fellowship Church
Christ Fellowship Panama Feeding and Learning Center Founder & President     

703-722-1016 (Magic Jack–domestic number that will ring in Panama)  
011-507-6961-7449 (Panamá Cell)    


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